Select the type of referral you need

Referrals are of three types
New Referral: A referral to visit a specialist you have not met before.
Repeat referral: A referral to visit a specialist visited before for a follow up.
Change of specialist referral: A referral to change your specialist and visit another specialist.

Few simple questions


Answer to these few simple questions will help get the information we need for your referral.



Pay $19.99 which is very affordable.

Easily download your referral

We upload your referral on your account on our website and also email a PDF copy of it. You can easily download it.

How to access your online referral

Using online doctor service for the first time, the below mentioned details will make the process simpler for you.

First go to our home page and select the type of referral you need. It can be a new referral, repeat referral and change of specialist referral. Once you specify the type of referral you will have to fill a form which contains few questions regarding your health. These questions will help the doctor to thoroughly understand your medical condition. You will be asked to provide contact details of your regular GP so that the specialist can keep in touch with them and also involve them in the process.

Once this is done you will have to enter payment details, after which a payment of $19.99 will be processed. You will immediately receive a link to access your referral on the email address that you have provided us with. It will be in PDF Format so that you can easily download it.

We aim to help you by proving you easy access to medical services and make things easier and simpler for you.

Time efficient
Cost efficient
Less tension
Turn down infection


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