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You can speak to our registered doctors, psychologist, physiotherapist & naturopath right from your home

Using our service of Doctor360, you can get consultation from a registered Australian doctors, psychologist, physiotherapist & naturopath and can even request for a doctor's certificate, prescription or get referral for another specialist, as per your requirement. All these services can be accessed with your computer, tablet, smartphone through a video call under your home or work place anytime of the day or night.

It is very easy and convenient to book an appointment

Arrange a video call with the required doctor, psychologist, physiotherapist & naturopath on your computer or smartphone following these four simple steps


If you are a new patient, the first step is registering with us by creating a profile. If you have already used our services before you can simply login using your email address and password.


Select An Appointment time appropriate for you. By selecting “Now” you will immediately be connected with a practitioner and you can also schedule a later appointment.


Confirm your appointment booking by providing your personal details and the pharmacy(if any) you prefer. You can then proceed to payment.


You can discuss your medical condition with your doctor, psychologist, physiotherapist & naturopath easily by using your smartphone, tablet or your computer.

Appointments available now

Save your time and money


Easily book your appointment online on a time which suits you and your family.

Expert Doctors


Our Doctors, Psychologist, Physiotherapist & Naturopath have a wide experience which enables them to provide you with expert healthcare support.

Mental health Experts


Our expert psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors are available to provide anytime service.

Affordable Prices


Prescriptions starting from $23.99, make medical services very affordable.

No more waiting rooms


Long hours of waiting are over. Consultation with doctors, psychologist, physiotherapist & naturopath with video calls and quick delivery of prescriptions enable delivery of faster medical services.


Our trusted technological platform ensures safety and security of all your information. We will never sell your details to third parties.

Easy Renewal of Prescription

Our Quick script service enables you to request an assessment for a repeat prescription by a australian health practitioner. Our fast and easy assessment tool helps easily renewal of your prescriptions online.

Your prescriptions are delivered to your pharmacy of your choice or delivered within an hour to your doorstep. These services have made Doctor360 more famous among thousands of Australians and more and more are using it for their medical requirements.


Are GP's, Psychologist, Physiotherapist & Naturopath video consultations and prescription services covered by Medicare?

These services are not covered by Medicare for now and are privately billed. You need to check with your insurance provider to claim some of the cost of your consultation by your private health insurance.

We request you to enter your Medicare card number at the time of registering with Doctor360 for the purpose of identification and insurance.

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