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Home sleep studies are 100% bulk billed.

A home sleep study is a sleep test that is carried out in the comfort of your own home. This Is an extensive testing of your sleep when the brain waves (EEG), heart monitor (ECG), eye movements (EOG), chest and abdominal movements, chin movements, leg and arm movements, your body position during sleep and most importantly your oxygen level at night and if you stop breathing during your sleep is looked on.

Many patients with sleep apnoea are appropriate for a home sleep study and doing a test in the comfort of your own home gives more precise reading of your sleep pattern. However not all patients are appropriate for a home sleep study.

Patients having severe cardiac or Respiratory conditions and patients with neurological and psychiatric conditions are not appropriate for home studies. These patients need a sleep study in a sleep lab in a hospital.

Our sleep home studies

Our sleep machines are very small and easily fit on the palm of your hand. Which means you can sleep in any position you prefer and does not interfere in your sleep. Once the sleep study is completed you will have to return the machine to us the next day before 3pm. Our sleep physician will review your study right away and if there are any severe abnormalities or abnormalities of your heart rhythm we will inform you the same day itself. The next step is scoring of the sleep study.

For this we send the study to a Sydney based sleep scientist. Unlike most third party providers we do not send the studies overseas to cut costs. Quality is of utmost importance to us and our sleep physician will discuss with the sleep scientist who scores the studies if there were any discrepancies.

Our sleep home studies
Your results

You will be given the results within a week and our sleep physician will take you through the study and discuss all treatment options with you. The treatment plan will be tailored to you.

Important steps

Therefore, to decide which sleep study type (in lab vs home sleep study) is best for you and which type of monitoring is required it is best to be assessed by a sleep physician beforehand and organise the best test for you. Doctor360 Sleep is committed to comprehensive education and optimal mask and machine fittings for our patients.

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