Medical and Healthcare Websites


Medical and Healthcare Websites

Your medical website is an impression of your healthcare practice. Creating acorrect website design that relates with your prospective and current patients requires prudent planning.You’ll also need an appropriate SEO strategy to be aheadin the competition.See the performance of your healthcare website compared to your competitors.

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increase in new patients

Sydney Eye Associates

Eye care specialists
5 providers
Sydney, NSW


increase in new patients

Melbourne OB/GYN

1 provider
Melbourne, VIC


return on investment

Khan Foot & Ankle

1 provider
Brisbane, QLD

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Mobile-first Website Design

SWith the use of smartphones on all-time high, it is important that your healthcare website design needs to be optimized for both desktop as well as mobile users. With the useof responsive design, your entire website, from your homepage to your blog, adjusts accordingly regardless of the size of the user’s screen.


SEO for Medical and Healthcare Sites

To enhance your practice possession and overall advancement, you need search engine optimization (SEO) strategies customized as peryour healthcare website.Healthcare SEO experts can help understand the correct strategy for your practice, from optimized content to site speed to organized data.To further reinforce our web presence, list your practice on many directories and create a presence on the most commonly used social media sites.

Custom Website Pages

Digital advertising is much more than traditional advertising, allowing practices and brands to reach the correct people via advanced targeting and tracking.This means advertisers experience a better ROI, a greater success rate with patients, and a better experience for the user and brand.


The Benefits of an Optimized Medical Website

Outpace Your Competition

There are chances many practices in your local area offer similar, if not the same, services. A well-formed website that’s focused on mobile-first, follows SEO best practices, and makes use of features to help “convert” visitors into patients will help you stand apart from your competition.

Improved User Experience

Having a single page as your entire healthcare website will not work.User experience considers the journey a potential and current patient would follow when researching about your practice.You need multiple pages that perform different functions: a contact page with your business information, an about page that mentions your staff’s qualifications, a blog where patients can know more about related topics, and service pages so patients know what you have to offer.Your website should also provide ease of navigation with clear call to action (CTA) buttons such as “Book Now” or “Contact Us.”

Increased Website SEO

Developing your healthcare website for SEO is similar to building a house; it doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a well-groundedstructure where optimizations and content are added with time. The advantage of SEO is that it facilitates long-lasting results at no direct cost for future years.With a right SEO strategy, your likelihood of ranking higher in local search results increases, which also implies a greaterlikelihood of more prospective patients finding your practice.

Brand and Practice Awareness

A strong brand facilitates your practice to stand apart from competitors.Your complete website is animpression of your brand, and it’s a great way to displayprecisely what should be expected by patients from your practice, what your practice stands for, and how are you different from everyone else.

Finding the Right Partner for Your Healthcare Website

The best practices for healthcare and medical websites are always evolving. During the past, websites were developedonly to be used on a desktop computer.Now, Google makes use of mobile-first indexing to help decide website ranking.Incorporating these changes can demand time, especially for modern healthcare providers who are providing treatment to patients and also managing their practices. Engaging an outside agency to enhance your website and ensure you’re using the correct SEO strategies can help your practice attain its marketing objectives.When assessing your options, consider these five important questions:

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